What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a craft in which professionals create visual content. The process includes using design elements such as photography, iconography, typography and illustration. Graphic design is used to visually communicate messages. 


“Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.”

– Paul Rand

Who is graphic design for?

Graphic design is for anyone who needs to get a certain message out in the world (albeit online or offline).

If you are looking for consistency in your brand, look into hiring a graphic designer to unify your brand. This will help make your brand instantly recognisable by using consistent colours, type and graphic elements. This, as a result, will help drive sales.

Graphic design is for those who want to have memorable designs that aid the success of their brand. 


When will the task be completed by ?

Each graphic design task has a unique brief and will require a unique timeline. The duration of the task depends on the complexity of the design, initial approval, revision time and generation time (if transferred onto products, billboards, etc.). 


Where is graphic design used?

Graphic design is filled throughout our world, not just electronically, but is a craft that is recognised in all countries around the world. 

As graphic design has progressed from wood and ink to billboards and screens, the craft is so widely being practiced and viewed this very second.


Graphic design colour palette inspiration.

Why do I need graphic design:

Graphic design enhances the message you want to project. It is essential to a brand’s message. Graphic design not only elevates the brand name, but also establishes trustworthiness by successfully portraying the brand’s purpose. 


How do I go about finding graphic design services?

First off, you can always learn how to create beautiful designs that make an impact (study through a college or take short courses – we love Skillshare!).

Once you feel confident and inspired, you can create your design on the following software: Illustrator, Adobe XD (free), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Gimp (free), and SketchBook (free). There are so many options out there, find which one you feel the most comfortable with and start designing!

Secondly, you can buy an already-existing design or hire a freelancer to create your design for you. The following platforms allow either of these options or both of them:

Lastly, you can hire an agency to handle all of your graphic design needs for you. The process of working with a professional agency is easy and stress-free as they will cater to your graphic design needs and wants. Hiring the right agency means you will get nothing less than professionalism, top-notch communication and spectacular results. We offer graphic design services that will aid your brand recognition and online presence, read more below.  

We offer graphic design services:

  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Social Media Posts
  • Poster Design
  • Facebook Ads & Banners
  • Business Cards

Our graphic design services include various types of graphic design. The graphic design we offer usually goes hand-in-hand with the web design that is specifically curated and eventually developed. 

We also offer graphic design services that link to the digital marketing strategy of the brand.

Our graphic design services include various types of graphic design. The graphic design we offer usually goes hand-in-hand with the web design that is created and eventually developed. We also offer graphic design services that link to the digital marketing strategy of the brand.





Created in AdobeXD and Adobe Photoshop

The design encompasses a warmth contrasted with earthy text and shapes. The overall femininity of the logo speaks about skincare, beauty and nourishment without having to disclose it.

Hey Amy Logo Design Full

This design was shortlisted as one of the final options. We provide a few options to choose from, allowing the client to decide which design fits their brand the best.

Hey Amy Logo Design Variation

This design was admired for its simplicity in design, while still maintaining its effective impact of the brand identity. It works well as a social media badge / icon.

Hey Amy Icon Design

The logo name and design is a concept that was created as an option for our own brand. The word ‘pica’ is a typographic unit for 12 points. ‘Blok’ is a variation of ‘block’ and the two sounded harmonious next to each other.

Picablok Logo

These name badges for Taboa, Tmall and Express were created as mini-icons to be presented over product images for an e-commerce website. 

The colours chosen for this logo design stem from the meanings of the colour green. Symbolising growth, safety and harmony, WTSA wanted these aspects portrayed as the forefront of their online store. 



We Trade SA

Leather Tag Design Vertical
Leather Tag Design Horizontal

Created in Adobe Photoshop

The leather tag is a representation of ‘authentically South African‘. The uniqueness of the tag with a simplified logo is an extension, not only of the top-quality products featured on the website, but also of the stellar, trustworthy customer service.



Gin Bar cocktail design


Social Media Posts


Icon Design


Nu Outline White Logo

We offer a 15% discount to government institutions, charities and nonprofit organisations. This is our way of saying thanks for all that you do.