This is how we approach web design.

The design of a website expands on the initial concept created as a response to the brief. We start linking the brands identity to features and pages (fonts, colours, logo, etc).


A 100% unique approach with each client.

Our design and artistic abilities are used heavily to create the desired atmosphere the business wants the website to create. We have a lot of fun in this section, experimenting with what will be best for the business and enhance the business’ overall online presence. 


We integrate business identity.

As much as we integrate the business identity into the design, we try to maintain a simple, clean, contemporary look and feel. By following guidelines of precedence, colour theory, hierarchy, contrast, size,  positioning and various other design guidelines, the websites produced will leave the user (and client) with a memorable, unique experience. 

A clean, concise and creative web design approach will allow your business to stand out amongst the crowd.


What is web design?

Web design refers to the layout, style and content on websites displayed on the internet.

Website design uses a variety of skills and disciplines in the making and maintenance of websites. It includes the likes of website apps, mobile apps and user experience design. Web design encompasses the conception of ideas, planning and arranging content online. By today’s standards, web design does not only meet aesthetic needs, but has to incorporate a high-level of functionality. 


Who is web design for?

Web design is for anyone looking to establish a stable online presence which is great for reinforcing your brand image. Small businesses and large corporations both reap the benefits of web design. It is helps portray the right image (as an extension of your brand) and will help you stand out from your competition. 


Web design page Skincare

Minimalistic web design inspiration:

This is a product page we designed for a fictional cosmetics brand. The design is neat, simple and minimalistic.

Nu Outline’s design.

Photo by Ann Nekr from Pexels.

When will the website be completed by?

Each project is different in terms of what is required. Thus, each website will require a different timeline. Usually projects which require a lot of customisation (design and development) will take longer than projects which only require a landing page (e.g a business which wants to start having the basics of an online presence). A project can take anywhere from 1 month to 12 months.


Where is web design used?

Web design is used on the internet across various devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones. The variety of devices means responsive web design is extremely important.


Read more about web design in our blog:


Web design vs. frontend web development.

web design image

Why do I need good web design?

The benefits of web design are evident:

1. Web design affects how your brand is perceived by your audience.

2. It helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy: having design elements impact SEO – the code being written needs to be SEO-friendly.

3. Having a great designed website creates trust with your audience: the design should make the audience feel comfortable, intrigued, minimise effort on their part.

4. It aids with consistency: key for a successful brand strategy. This builds trust and comfort as your audience becomes more familiar with the business brand. 

Web design that is successful means that your audience will stay on your site for longer, creating the potential to capture leads. The design needs to be consistent on every page, within every post.


How do I go about finding a web designer?

A method of creating good website design is to use website builders, such as: Wix, WordPress and Squarespace. You could choose to build your own – however – there are limitations in terms of customisation. Most pre-made templates allow the user to choose a theme, change colours, typography and images of that template. This sounds favourable to those that don’t have a specific design-based website in mind, but to those that do, you might want to look at hiring an agency. 

When it comes to designing beautiful websites, hiring an agency to take the weight off of your shoulders sounds like a good deal. This is because agencies have access to top-notch technologies and software. They can also customise your desired website to your wants and needs. We offer web design services to existing businesses looking to rebrand or have some maintenance work done, as well as to new small businesses starting their journey.


We offer affordable web design services:

We offer premium quality websites that have been developed with an integrated design approach by a web designer. Book a consultation with a member of our team to begin your online business journey.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels.


Hey Amy

A fresh, warm and simple website design for HeyAmy.

The website called for a platform where clients book skincare services and various treatments, buy products, and to find out more information on both.

The colours evoke feelings of trust and comfort. The font arranges hierarchy on the page with various images guiding the user to link a potential experience with visuals.

The client wanted a soft design approach, which includes various shapes and bubbles (representative of our beautiful bodies, faces, skin types, lumps and bumps… which are all BEAUTIFUL).






Web Design Mockups

Mock-Up Website for an online bookstore.




Tim's Garage Mock-Up Website



Tim’s Retro Garage

Lounger Mock-Up Website for an online furniture store.



Lounger Blog

Wade Young Demo



Wade Young

Mobile Responsive Website Mock-Up for an African Safari Business



African Sun Mobile Version

Sandy Pots Co. Mock up



Sandy Pots Co. Ceramics Online Store

App Design Mockups

App Design for the Frozen Spoon Ice-Cream store
Frozen Spoon Application concept



Frozen Spoon App


Nu Outline White Logo

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